I Love Ugly

Hip, young and talented Auckland duo Barnaby Marshall and Valentin Ozich knew from an early age they did not want just another day job. I love Ugly was started in 2008 from the confines of designer Valentin Ozich’s closet, and prides itself on offering premium menswear clothing and fashion accessories. With the mission to create the “best products in the world”, I Love Ugly recreates classic garments with their own special, at times eccentric twist.

At I Love Ugly we value all human aspirations and endeavours with integrity, intellect and creative experimentation. We live and breathe the culture we continually create by drawing on influences and the aesthetic sensibilities found in art, photography, design, music, film, food, literature, and beauty (ugly) in all forms. We are excited by collaborative partnerships and the opportunity to work with and share the I Love Ugly lifestyle with the wider scope. These partnerships include working with a number of talented artists from all disciplines; be it musicians, photographers, writers or visual artists.