About Us

Osborne Lane offers a refuge of style, fashion and food right in the heart of Newmarket.  The eclectic collection of creative businesses at Osborne Lane cover all aspects of the art of urban living including food, entertainment, art, culture, fashion, homeware, health and wellbeing.

This oasis of calm is closer than you think and worth the effort to find. You can stroll into Osborne Lane from York Street (just look for Al Brown’s big red arrow) or on Kent Street, between Rue de Seine and Simon James Concept Store.  These revitalised industrial spaces, characterised by rustic wood and weathered brick, are now home to some of Auckland’s most innovative dining and retail tenants including Burger Burger, Best Ugly Bagels, Juliette Hogan, Sandersons Contemporary, and Dry & Tea.

A series of laneways, Osborne Lane is retail on a pedestrian scale that encourages you to linger and enjoy a relaxed village atmosphere. Come and wander down Osborne Lane, refresh your mind, get your style fix and enjoy some soul food. You’ll find all the variety, inspiration and style you have been looking for.


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6 Kent Street
Auckland 1023
New Zealand

+64 9 377 4040