Rue de Seine pronounced 'Roo-De-Sen'

Rue de Seine in St. Germain Des Pres is one of the most sought after streets in Paris and the initial vision behind Rue de Seine’s effortlessly romantic style. It was this very neighbourhood which inspired the designer to create the label after living, working, and celebrating her own wedding on this beautiful Parisian street. The neighbourhood is infamous for being the meeting place for artists and celebrities and is the inspiration to Rue de Seine’s bohemian style.

Celebrating the release of their third bridal collection, Nomadic Love, Rue de Seine further expands their penchant for the bohemian style beyond expectations. The collection, arriving at the Rue de Seine Flagship in mid-September 2015, found its inspiration from the many landscapes, textures, and charming details seen when exploring this beautiful earth. From the bohemian loaded desert festivals in the U.S to the folk art in Eastern Europe, Nomadic Love encapsulates the many ways cultures around the world celebrate the bohemian aesthetic.

Designed for unique and carefree brides, Rue de Seine utilises hand beading and laces that embody the free spirit of the bohemian lifestyle. With its feminine and youthful silhouettes, Rue de Seine’s designer has carved a unique place for her brand in the world of bridal fashion.

Rue de Seine bridal gowns are proudly designed and constructed in New Zealand. The brand stocks its current range in bridal ateliers and boutiques around the world and features its premiere flagship in Auckland.