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Pride & Joy

What is Pride & Joy Ice Cream

More people are jobless today than at any point in history … and it is not going away!

There are more than 100 million young unemployed aged between 15 – 29 in the World and this is growing every day. If something is not done about it, a whole generation could be dramatically affected and the flow on affects devastating.

Many of these people are Remarkable. We like to call them “Remarkable Unemployees”



The world is changing. No more guarantees. No more career paths. More like career roulette.

But there’s good news too. You can start something yourself. But starting something from scratch is hard. Really hard. Really really hard. Really really really… well you get the point. Because unless you have a rich Mum or Dad (well done if you do by the way) then no one will lend you the money to get started. “Sorry, you don’t have the experience/collateral/___________(fill in the gap)”.

So that’s where JOY comes in. We’ll stand beside you and help get you started. We won’t make stupid promises – it’s still up to you. But we’ve created a great product, and a pretty cool business model. We want to give people an opportunity to begin a remarkable journey, reconnect with humanity, have fun and make a decent living.

So if you want a gig. Not a job. If you want to run your own business, be your own boss, make your own profit – then maybe JOY is for you. Let’s talk.


why buy joy

Joy is some of the finest ice cream made anywhere in the world.  We make all of our ice cream locally.  As close to where we sell it as possible. That makes it fresh. Delivered daily to the pride and joy pods. Churned in tiny little batches in the finest Italian ice cream making equipment. Using only the very best ingredients. But more than that we believe in shared prosperity for all of our partners – especially our Joy Pod owners.  Each joy pod is individually owned by a remarkable “Unemployee”. Individuals who were up until they found Joy – still looking for an opportunity.

We have provided business training, low cost of entry, funding, and most importantly opportunity to these remarkable individuals to get them started on their entrepreneurial journey.