Bolt of Cloth

At Bolt of Cloth we make it fun and easy to make your house your home.

We stock a huge range of contemporary home furnishings and fabrics and are happy to give you as much or as little interior design advice as you need. In addition we offer a Making Menu to help you design your own cushions, curtains, lampshades and more.

Bolt of Cloth is a Christchurch based family business. Launched in 2009, the initial idea was to make unique contemporary designer fabrics available direct to the public, while an in-store workroom sewed to order. While our roots are in bold and beautiful fabrics, we now offer a full range of unique homewares to our customers as well as tailored interior design advice available in your home, our store or online.

Our up and coming Bolt of Cloth was nearly taken out by the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011. Losing our only premises we had to pretty much start over – but those difficult times helped to shape the colourful and inventive business we are today. Now in Christchurch, Auckland and online!